Training for the Scottish Islands Peaks Race

Training for the Scottish Islands Peaks Race

Training ended this past weekend on the Firth of Clyde for the Scottish Islands Peaks Race which starts on the 19th of May. Though the race is typically an adult event, pupils and teachers from Fettes College will be entering this years race, with one team sailing on Bluebird.

The Scottish Islands Peaks Race is a hardcore adventure race along the west coast of Scotland that includes sailing and hill running, so they’ve had to practice both! The pupils and teachers have spent time learning how to sail and live aboard yachts, one of which being our own Bluebird. They then also ran 9 miles at the weekend, but will have to work up to 19 for the actual race. Here’s some photos from of how hard they have worked.

Bluebird will be carrying a tracker during the race which allows everyone to view live progress online. We will update you with more information closer to race day. Make sure to follow along!

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