Towards St. Kilda 2017 Trip

Towards St. Kilda 2017 Trip

Cruise – “Towards St Kilda”
Yacht – Bluebird
Dates – 26th May to 2nd June
Start/finish – Mallaig
Crew – skipper and five guests

Wanting to stretch our legs on the first day we set off from Mallaig marina with a good weather forecast and enjoyed a great sail to Loch Poolteil on the North West coast of Skye, a distance of around 35 nautical miles where we anchored for the night in sheltered conditions.

Next day dawned with a suitable wind direction to sail across the Minch to the Sound of Harris and into Loch Rodel for the night. After a hearty breakfast we set off the next morning and carried the tide through the Sound of Harris and into the open North Atlantic Ocean in our first attempt to reach St Kilda , some 45 miles distant. As the weather conditions deteriorated we decided to turn back and returned to Rodel Harbour where we picked up one of the excellent visitor moorings there and enjoyed a delicious dinner and friendly banter before turning in for the night.

Undeterred we had a second crack at getting to St Kilda and headed out the following morning to catch the tide through the Sound and out to the famous St Kilda archipelago.

Arriving at dusk with the sun going down in the West produced a sight to behold as the skyline of the islands were etched clearly against a sky of vivid orange and pink colours, dramatic and beautiful all at the same time.

The following morning in Village Bay we transferred the crew ashore to explore the main  island of Hirta and take in the unique atmosphere. Hirta was home to a large self sufficient community during many generations and the last St Kildans to live there were abandoned in 1930.

As the weather was changing to South Easterly winds we left Hirta and motored out to the neighbouring island of Boreray where we went between with the rock pinnacle of Stac Lee and Boreray . Here we were treated to a cacophony of seabirds carpeting the rock faces and darkening the sky clouds with mainly gannets but also a mixture of Great Skuas, fulmars, puffins, cormorants, terns, kittiwakes, etc.  Departing the St Kilda group we sailed Bluebird back to the Sound Of Harris and went to Berneray Harbour for the night.

Next day we had the wind with us and enjoyed a fast sail to Loch Harport on Skye where we visited the Talisker Whisky distillery and over the next few days explored the enchanting “Champagne Islands “, commonly known as the Small Isles of Canna, Eigg, Muck and Rum before returning to Mallaig to disembark the guests.


We still have some spots open for cruises in August and September, so please get in touch if you’d like to book. We promise it will be a memorable experience, and a fantastic way to see Scotland!

***Photos provided by one of our clients Chris Evans***

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